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La Rocka featured new wave nymphettes more suited to the Mudd Club downtown scene than the commercial fantasies adorning the pages of slick magazines. La Rocka flourished like a mushroom set in the sun. But I knew some of the girls. Valda, Mary Beth, and Lucille were my superstars. And still are in the chasms of my youth.

11 March 2017

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06 March 2017

As one of this year’s jurors for World Press Photo, I was stunned to learn that over the last ten years, the number of female entrants to the World Press Photo Contest has hovered around 15% (it remained at 15.5% in 2017).



It had been chasing me for years, playing her. I’ve been offered at least four other films and two stage plays at different periods in her life. Bette Davis, after her daughter’s book came out, got in touch with me when I was just a kid through a mutual director friend and said she would like me to play her.

...hops on his Twitter device and describes John Lewis as just another all-talk, no-action congressman, so sad. It turns out John Lewis has been involved in a fair bit of action. Holy God. First of all, because I’m always thinking about myself, I think, I was about John Lewis’s age when he marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Would I have had the guts to do that? The all-talk John Lewis goes down there and gets a goddamned skull fracture.

If you could snap your fingers and make it happen, who’d be a dream interview for you? I think about that all the time. It would be great to talk to Bob Marley. Because when Bob Marley left us, he was politically active. He was the biggest musical star in the world, and he came from such desperate circumstances. It seems like we don’t have that person now whose life and music and behavior apply to soothing the waters of world strife.

I don’t get that. I’m tired of people being bewildered about everything he says: “I can’t believe he said that.” We gotta stop that and instead figure out ways to protect ourselves from him. We know he’s crazy. We gotta take care of ourselves here now.

David Marchese: I’ve always loved Leaves of Grass, so it’s a pleasure to meet the man who wrote it. David Letterman: I’ve given up on making that kind of joke because I ran out of people with beards other than Most famous bearded poet. Walt Whitman that anyone knew — the joke didn’t work as well when I used Frederick Douglass. But great things have happened to me since I’ve been walking around with this beard. I was in Santa Monica, at the Ocean Park CafĂ©, and this woman comes over and she says, “Are you who I think you are?” And I said, “That depends on who you think I am.” She said, American painter who began as a photorealist, then adopted a dappled, pixelated style after becoming paralyzed in 1988. No resemblance to Letterman. “You’re Chuck Close.” I said, “Yeah, yeah, I am.” She said, “Oh my God” — she has a whole story. She was an art major, and for her final project she did a pencil-drawing portrait of Chuck Close. She said, “It was the best thing I did in all of college.” I finally said, “I’m not Chuck Close.” Boom, she’s out like a shot. Gone. Then she comes back and says, “That really disappoints me.” The other thing is that somebody who loves Chuck Close that much might know that, unlike you, he’s in a wheelchair.






Odetta 1961 Got so carried away listening to one of her songs when I was at Portsmouth Abbey that I decided to charge the wall in the common room with a push broom. Jousting knight. Don't ask. What I didn't understand was that the dorm being a DU or Dwelling Unit built during the war, why I don't know, but it had beaverboard wall, basically loosely compressed paper. The handle of the broom easily went through the two layers of the wall. The other thing I didn't know was that Father Stephen's bed was right on the other side of the wall and he was at that moment enjoying an afternoon nap and was a little surprised when the handle quickly passed across his belly and just as quickly disappeared. It was kind of hard to calm him down. How was I to know that you couldn't run into the wall ?