22 February 2017

Desmond Cadogan 3 hrs · Instagram · I miss hanging out with my old friend #andywarhol photographed here by #robertmapplethorpe in 1983. I had heard he was ill and remembered reading about his fear of hospitals but never could I have imagined he could die just like that. He was never the picture of amazing health or anything like that when I knew him and to me, eventho I think he was only a couple of years older than I am now when he died, I thought he was grandpa old when I was in my early 20s. I guess he was. He sure didn't act or feel like anybody's grandparents that I knew at least. He was a lot more interesting, fun, funny and "bitchy" than I have seen him portrayed in film or books. He LOVED himself some really good gossip. If you knew anything good and were kinda cute like I was back then, you were welcome at his table. That's where the free drinks were so I always came fully loaded and naughtily grinning. Lol. When I worked at #areanightclub doing my first club job as the men's room attendant (MUCH more glamorous than it sounds) Andy spent a great deal of his time there #peoplewatching right next to my little stool. It got to the point that I would make sure to have 2 stools when I set up at the beginning of the night. He was great to me. He once said "I hope you are writing all of this down Desmond." I told him I was. And I did, for the most part. I have a bunch of stories about him. I really liked him a lot. More than liked but less than loved if ya know what I mean. I was on #safari for about a month with my best buddy Rainer in Kenya when we found out that he had died in a small section on the cover of the Kenyan newspaper. It was a total shock for me. I didn't return to NYC for many months afterwards so I missed it all. I really miss knowing he's around here somewhere doing something really great with really neat people that happened to be fabulous and/or sometimes not, like me. #Rip Andy. ����� (August 6th, 1928 Pittsburgh, PA - February 22nd, 1987 NYC)

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