11 February 2017

Here's another one. Brittany Clayton, who works at a nearby gas station in Blue Ridge, which is 50 miles from Dallas, Texas, was close to the scene of the spill when it occurred.“You could just smell the sweet tangy aroma of this oil smell. A customer walks in and says ‘nobody smoke.' You could see it just spewing,” Clayton told KDFW-TV, the local Fox News affiliate in the area. “It was just super huge. It was like a big cloud. The fire marshal said, 'This is like a danger zone. You guys have to evacuate immediately.' I was totally freaked out. I kept texting the boss man.”This one had more arc in it than last weeks. You notice the quality of the spills are much more richer and darker. They say most oil spills in Texas are like that, it makes you so proud.

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