22 February 2017

Please share share share!!! An URGENT and IMPORTANT update from E-Eric Poemz Protector News: -there is not enough time to finish cleaning up Ocete O'yate by 2 pm on Wednesday, February 22 -on Wednesday, February 22 the water protectors at Standing Rock will not be able to live stream.....because their cell phones etc. will be jammed -the water protectors need a strong media presence to document everything that happens on Wednesday, Feb. 22 (for the water protectors safety) -please phone these important #'s first thing on Tuesday: -for the ACOE.....Army Corps of Engineers......ask them to extend the camp clean up! Feb 22 is not long enough! -for the media let them know that the water protectors will not be able to live feed on Wednesday, Feb. 22..........................that the media are urgently needed at Ocete O'yate to document everything for the safety of the water protectors -and also let the media know that water protectors have observed that high powered weapons with long range scopes have been brought in by police etc. (weapons like these are only used to harm people, or for target practice). ....(the only thing at Ocete O'yate are peaceful and unarmed water protectors) Phone Numbers ACOE (202) 761-0011 Public Affairs (202) 761-0014 Comment Line (202) 761-8700 News Companies CNN (323) 993-5000 ABC (212) 456-4040 CBC (212) 975-4321 Fox News (212) 301-3000 MSNBC (214) 664-4444 CNBC (201) 735-2622Please share share share!!!

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