08 June 2017

Alan Rosenberg 12 hrs · Charles is in New York and I am having friends (that means you) over for brunch on Saturday (10 June 2017) at my apartment from 2:00 to 5:00pm, 20th and 7th in Manhattan (message me for address). The memorial event for my oldest and best frenemy Walter Cessna is on Monday and I have taken out copies of Walter's first fashion zine, The Key, for you to look at (we were 17 when Walter started The Key, maybe 16? I am 51, as Walter would have been if he had survived). Speaking of 17, that's about how many friends I can comfortably fit in my apartment so whoever messages me first gets in. I will be serving home made pizza and freshly home-pressed juice so bring anything else you may want to eat drink, whatever. Scan is a story that Mario Testino photgraphed for Per Lui in 1987 (?), styled by Walter, starring Charles and me, Zach Sherif, Gamal Sherif, Emmanuel and Salvator Xuereb (we all hung out socially) and two guys I didn't know. I met Mario through Zach and Gamal and either I or Roberta Wagner introduced Mario to Walter, at least that's how I remember it . . . discuss. — with Charles Rosenberg, Zach Sherif and Gamal Sherif.

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