06 June 2017


I never think of her as a model, though she's one of the best. It's that she doesn't behave like a model; she doesn't give you the Hot Look, the Cool Look, the Cute Look; she strikes sparks, not poses. Out of doors, especially, I have never known anyone so excitingly free and spontaneous, constantly changing, moving (which drove me crazy until I got smart and learned to focus the camera faster) – she's like photographing a stream of consciousness.” She was certainly sweet – and crazy. One day while on vacation in St. Bart’s, I was walking with my girlfriend Wendy along the beach and came across a fairly frenetic photo shoot in process. It was tough to tell whether Scavullo or Gia was the center of the whirlwind. He was screaming directions, but she was ignoring him, doing what she wanted.

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