27 June 2017

It seemed that his path as a professional dancer on the stage was inevitable, but, one Sunday, he and some friends visited the Gate Hill Cooperative, a haven for artists in Stony Point, N.Y. Wandering around the grounds, Berensohn eventually found himself outside the workshop of Karen Karnes, a famous potter at that time. He quietly observed her work and what he witnessed that afternoon changed the course of his life forever. The breath and energy and movement with which Karnes practiced her craft captivated him and he had a revelation about what he wanted out of life. “What happened was a desire to de-professionalize my interest in art,” Berensohn explained. “As much as I admire the technical brilliance of my colleagues, I am very interested in the behavior of art rather than the achievement of art. I see all the arts as apprenticeships for the big art of our lives.”

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