10 June 2017

Jackie Rudin with Michele Zalopany and 18 others. 17 hrs · New York, NY · More terribly sad news. Our dear Edit DeAk died at 7:30 this evening. I am beyond words so I'll share what Patrick Fox so eloquently stated: "Give thanks for her knowledge, that we lived in a time when Edit de Ak was allowed to show us the new and explain it to us in a manner that put it into a context for the ages and because of her brilliance, our culture flourished." And as Sur Rodney Sur said: "She was a cultural maven who generously shared her intelligence, humor, beauty, grace, and bravery with a community of people and left an indelible mark •" And from Walter Robinson: "RIP Edit DeAk my brilliant 1970s collaborator who emerged from the Hungarian waves (via car trunk at the Yugoslavian border) with her equally brilliant husband Peter Grass, to rehab a 3500 sq ft loft on the top floor of 149 Wooster St into a center of fun and DIY culture, where she presided as guiding spirit over the launch of Art-Rite magazine and so many other endeavors, including curating the first performance art festival at Artists Space, then next door, and overseeing its first graffiti art show (I think) and co-founding Printed Matter. A Mudd Club regular, when not out at all hours she could be found in deep convo in her bedroom office w Jack Smith, Johnny Dynell and other free spirits. We met in an art criticism seminar at Barnard College in 1972, if you can believe that. Her pal Patrick Fox took her to the emergency room, where she went into steep decline and was unplugged. Rest In Peace you wayward genius, your memory lives on." RIP beautiful brilliant Edit DeAk

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