15 June 2017

Simone Colina In 1984, I was 21. I had met you 2 possibly the year before: but I cannot be exactly sure. With total respect to your uncanny ability to properly attribute historical occurrences -of our own generation, in particular- & in strikingly textured detail, this will be the 2nd time in a month that I step to your claims-as regards SHOES. Charles was the first kid I spooked sporting Church's on OUR shared scene-BUT my Uncle Antonio Videgain (the 'Duty Free King of Panama City, Panama) was the first Non-Brit in MY life to work them with mad style. He kept 3 pairs-1, buckled- as these- as part of his wonderful traveling abroad wardrobe. He also had a broadly representative selection of GUCCI footwear. Among the Gucci was a pair of white kid, logo bit-adorned slip ons, which he graciously gifted to me when I was 17-that was 1980. I sported those at Hurrah, Mudd,++ AND out & about. As my auspicious style magnetism would have it, I scooped a pair of black patent ones (a size too large), later the same year-1980-81-at the Salvation Army on Jerome Ave-at the northern end of the S Bronx. I sported both of those heavily-between moods which included Vivier, Jourdan & various 60's, spraypainted, 'bridal party' stilettos. Perhaps it's important to note here that there are various rubrics for "1st' s. As a funny aside, just 2 weeks ago you referred to Lisa Kirk as 'The First' to sport Gucci loafers-as we salon'ed in your apt, reviewing ephemera for Walter's Tribute. When I heard that, I had to step up, because Things such as THAT are 'relevant'. I love you, Charles, Lisa-& ALL our incredibly correct posses of truly-never-again visually self-curated, precocious entities.You are ALL so major, inspiring & indelibly italicized in my conscious, but I must point out-In My view, something featured in VOGUE mosrt certainly does NOT denote a 1st. Aside from Robin Newland(who may remember my penchant for certain pedal profiles best- I could only think-"What did Alan just say? That's outrageous. I HAVE GOT TO call Walter S!"...-so I did.I left him a voicemail. It was a tearjerking set of remembrance, as it refreshed precisely the particular dissonances which created drama, tension & shade between Walter & you 2 amazing boys whom he relentlessly referred to as, 'The RosenTwins-or RosenQueens'. I ALWAYS called him out on that ,because there were better ways to pay homage-like BE Friendly!-ir let them know you think they;re fierce(& you have to know, he DID). For a couple years, he squirmed in fits because I've never done anything but love, admire, giggle, dance & blend happily with you 2. Thanks for this set of memories kids. I LOVE YOU!xoxoxox

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