09 June 2017

Simone Colina shared Kevin Hatt's photo. 2 hrs · Brace yourself, Kevin Hatt- I am Channeling Walter I think... this is an OUTING which has been a looooong time coming. FOR THE RECORD, Simone Colina conceived, put forth the format AND named what manifested as this fantastic, singular magazine you produced,published & did turn out!-It was ME & you, while we were sitting in the hammock in our backyard on Mott St- again talking abt the best shooters & their own chosen unpublished shots- which weren't what the mags were giving us. We wanted a mag 'for photographers-BY photographers.We to see+share Unknown, famous,infamous,working & not- the whole 'Kit&Caboodle', & how amazing it would be to do a pocket rocket of a mag with limited if any ads. It was me, you & our Bunny back there, that day-JustFor the record, Mr Hatt...it is important I finally lay claim to the critical conceptual product which became Kit & Caboodle. You may want to set the record straight,-before my book comes out.. A 90's boyzclub of self-appointed creatives were given credit for my idea- & regraming it freshens the 'wtf!'. Harrumph. All My Love, the Woman who almost walked out when viewing my name abt 20 places down in the 'Acknowledgements' of ISSUE#1. Also worthy of note, no photos of mine are published. #straightShooter'#IDoLoveKevinHatt

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