10 June 2017

Special combined issue of Art-Rite (No. 19) and LAICA Journal (No. 19). Issue edited by Walter Robinson, Edit deAk, Bridget Reak-Johnson, Debra S. Burchett. Essays "Projects," by Edit deAk and Walter Robinson; "Homespun cersions of Mass Media," by Walter Robinson; "Teen Genius," by Kickboy Face; "Swim Parables," by Robert Morgan; "X & Y Offer," by X & Y; "Conversation: Between Craziness and Clarity," by John McCracken; "Swim Parables: Given to 4/4 Rhythms 5x," by Robert Morgan; "Texts," by Dick Miller; " Reifying the Heifetz-Trotsky Axis," Ronald Al Robboy; "Two Painters: Welcome in L.A," Peter Plagens; "D.W. Griffith Reconsidered," by Randall Warniers; "Storytelling, Infantilism and Zoophily," by Walter Robinson; "Biggs's Time Television," by Susan Martin; "Manny Farber," by Richard Armstrong; "Judy Pfaff," by Richard Armstrong; "Autobiography: The Self in Art," Laurie Anderson; "The Rescue," Clare Spark; "Opting Out and Buying In," by Howard Singerman; "Patters in the Support System for California Art," by Peter Frank. Cover: Chris Burden.

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