29 June 2017

When Michael asked me for Agosto's number I was thrilled. Here is the result. The majestic Agosto Machado, interviewed by the divine Michael Musto. "I'm a pre-Stonewall street queen that coincided with all the things that were happening in the '60s, with the anti-war, gay rights, and black power movements--all the movements that street queens talked about and fell into. It never occurred to me when I saw the work of [avant garde director] John Vaccaro—and I had somehow met Jack Smith and Mario Montez-- that I would cross the footlights. It was only with the encouragement of [Warhol drag Superstar] Jackie Curtis, who brought me across the footlights for Vain Victory, which we did in four incarnations. I was blessed and lucky and had no real plans of doing anything. I lucked out with the wonderful people at La MaMa. I call it my home and family." "I just wandered down the rabbit hole with no plan. Like in a pinball machine, I bounced from all these legends, like [playwright/actor] Jeff Weiss. How did it happen? There is a divine plan, but I can't figure it out. "


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