13 June 2017

"Why, you might ask, was I – a man – taking his daughter to an event populated solely by women and their daughters? Because my daughter asked me to." He knew he was likely to be the only father there, but he didn’t hesitate to come: “If my daughter trusts me enough to ask me to accompany her to a knowingly uncomfortable event, then that is the kind of trust I want to continue nurturing, because it is that trust that will keep our communication flowing freely later in life.” During the program, girls and parents alike participated in an ice breaker where they asked each other puberty-related questions and later in a question and answer session. Misner says, “I want my daughter to feel like she’s normal and natural. So, I talked about periods.” And, while he talked about cycle length, menstrual products, and more, he adds, “I didn’t wince nor whisper… I guaranteed my daughter that I would be available any time she needs me to buy tampons or pads for her, but then I also reminded her that, someday, when she feels like she’s ready for a relationship, that any boy worth her time will feel the same. Any guy too ashamed to tell the world he has a girl with a working uterus at home is not worth her time or attention.”

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